Cycling Holidays at Camping Le Peux

Cycling Holidays at Camping Le Peux

Discover the Haute Vienne by bicycle / tandem

(Enjoy supported excursions amidst beautiful scenery, good company, food and wine, and a friendly welcome at Camping Le Peux)


How would you like to discover the beautiful Haute Vienne by bicycle or tandem? Travelling along the peaceful country lanes to local points of interest and enjoying fully catered buffet picnic lunches in the French countryside?

We are planning to offer supported cycling weeks based here at Camping Le Peux starting in the summer of 2023.


The events are aimed at single cyclists or couples who enjoy camping and who would also like to discover the French countryside via a series of supported day excursions to points of interest with fully catered drinks and lunch stops. This, safe in the knowledge that a support van is available to call in case of any difficulties. Each event would be for a maximum of 6 individuals or couples, each camping on one of our large and well-spaced pitches, and using their own bikes / tandems and camping equipment.


Arrival would be on a Sunday afternoon, with a welcome “apéro” party that evening, and guests would depart on the following Friday. From Monday to Thursday an excursion, of around 40 miles / 64 kilometres would be planned each day and there would be two planned evening events such as a “soirée moules frites” or a “French BBQ party” for folk to enjoy. On other evenings we could offer a table d’hôte meal (at a supplementary cost), guests could self-cater, or visit one of the excellent local restaurants. A French style breakfast would be provided each morning.


We have developed a series of fully mapped-out day excursions to points of interest such as: the Forteresse de Crozant (impressive castle ruins set high above the confluence of the Creuse and Sédelle rivers), Les Herolles (largest outdoor market in Europe), Bourg Archambault and the Saut de la Brame (a lovely route to a local waterfall via a very impressive moated chateau), Tung Lam Linh Son (a very welcoming buddhist temple and grounds set in the middle of the French countryside – a really interesting visit), and Oradour-Sur-Glane (a village massacred just after D-Day and kept just as it was, in memorium, by the French state – a challenging but important visit), amongst others. We are developing new excursions all the time but hopefully this gives an idea of the sort of variety we would aim to include.

Market at Les Herolles
Forteresse de Crozant
View from Forteresse de Crozant
Chateau Bourg Archambault

If a group or association would like to make a group booking to include all 6 pitches on one event then it would be possible, by prior arrangement, to alter the programme to some extent. For instance, if a group wished to swap one of the cycling excursions for a different activity (such as canoeing for instance) we would be happy to facilitate this.


The anticipated cost (which includes the camping pitch, the welcome apéro party, 5 x breakfasts, 4 x buffet picnic lunch, support van and drinks during cycle excursions, 2 x catered evening events) is:

€621 for a couple (or €646 with electric hook-up),

Or €348 for an individual (or €373 with electric hook-up).

(These prices do not include any table d’hôte meals for which a separate charge would apply, and they do not include any travel to or from Camping Le Peux. Guests will use and maintain their own cycling and camping equipment. It will be necessary for guests to show evidence of adequate travel (including health) insurance in order to complete a booking).


If this is something you feel that you would be interested in then please contact us to register your interest. We are in the process of confirming exact dates for next year but the events will be taking place between the start of June and the end of August.

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